Enakrema is the name I’ve given to my storytelling project. A little over 10 years ago, telling stories in the company of friends and family turned into a passion for storytelling. My original “material” was a short collection of tidbits of daily life with embellishments. I was motivated by the positive reactions of small groups which grew into a consistent audience. It was a very different experience for an introvert like me to have an audience captivated and engaged with my storytelling. For someone who normally keeps to himself it was a new and exciting experience.

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Ideas for stories, including dialogue would frequently pop into my head, complete. On countless evenings I would go into whole sequences and retell stories to my sons during dinner. During that time the stories seemed to come at once, complete and whole.

At this point I have roughly 35 complete narrative concepts. The initiative at this point is to see these all fully completed in the form of graphic and/or traditional novels and series. Some of these I would like to expand on in the form of feature films. My sons have the training and expertise to accomplish this but that reality will be dependent on a number of factors.

My existing and future library of stories and other content will be created under the name, “Enakrema”. The overarching vision is to have the resources in place to go from concept to distribution all under one roof. This will guarantee the completeness of the original stories and the quality of the final product.

I see storytelling at its best as an exploration of thought. An external representation of real internal dreams and desires, conflicts and nightmares that we all share. In order to be true to this, the creator may not always understand his own motivation for his creative choices but he must be free enough in his process to include everything he thinks is required and to present that in a way he believes will have the greatest impact on his audience.